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Optimize Firebase Hosting Cache Rules

A quick look at rules I use to improve server cache rules on Firebase hosting.

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Amber Ferenz

Composer and bassoonist Amber Ferenz's showcase site.

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Stephen Czaikoski

Artist Stephen Czaikoski's virtual online gallery.

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Dark Mode Toggle for SvelteKit with Tailwind or WindiCSS

How I added a dark mode toggle and headroom fixed header hiding feature to this SvelteKit site.

2 Easy Habits - 1 Year Later

2 habits made 1 year ago that have improved my health.

Salem CAE

Salem's Celebration of Academic Excellence Drupal powered micro site

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Cloud Function to Send Email

Firebase Cloud Function to send email via MailJet with nodemailer


Static site with Hugo, TailwindCSS, Animated SVG and more

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Static Site and Shopping Cart with advanced animated SVG

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Svelte is a Nice Piece of App

After sampling many other App frameworks... svelte won me over!

Why I Started This Blog

In gratitude for others that have shared useful ideas and solutions.

Salem Academy & College

Combination of Drupal, Concrete CMS, WordPress and more

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