Why I Started This Blog

January 12th, 2021 · 3 min read · 451 words · Life

I doubt I'll ever realize just how much I've gained from others sharing what they've learned or created. I made this blog to share some notes on things I've learned, especially around making web sites.

A Deeper Explanation

I hope to share my ideas effectively and help you get to useful solutions quickly. I’m often finding answers on stackoverflow and the self-service/self-help sites often including other bloggers like me, sharing their expertise.

Partly, I’ll have some solutions here that I may want to refer back to, a notes journal for my own reference, just publicly available so that others may find useful.

Irregular by Nature

Posts will come as I have relevant information to share and in their own organic timeline. I’d previously considered something like this but I did not like the various platforms I’ve tried to produce it. Although my effort in producing this blog is for sharing knowledge, there’s no release schedule and the content strategy is simply quality writing on interesting subjects or hard-to-solve problems.

General Topics

  • Programming; especially JavaScript - Node and App making, and PHP or Go/Hugo, the things I use to produce web sites and topics I want to learn more about.
  • My portfolio; a showcase of things I’ve produced with notes that may be valuable to others.
  • Art and animation; I find delight in creating animated SVGs and nice CSS transitions.
  • Other related or unrelated topics

Document Findings, Share Insight

After I’ve searched a dozen times and have determined that whatever I’ve learned hasn’t yet be captured in a conclusive way, I’ll put my notes up here; this is largely for myself. Could I use Google Docs or similar? Yes, of course, but then it wouldn’t be as beautiful nor something that I can trick out anyway I like.

My Main Hustle

Coding websites, themes, CMS, CDN, etc… has been my main source of income, my main hustle, instead of a side-hustle. I like programming and improving projects and deliverables.

Side Hustle

For a side hustle, check out MarkJonesVoice. I’d love to read a script for your production, though I totally get that thes cross-over between a programmer’s blog and voice over actor is maybe a bit of a stretch.

Know the name: TAOCode

I’ve sat on this domain for a long time. Perhaps a project worthy of the name will emerge and provide a future gig for me. I mean, it seems like The Art of Code should maybe be an Oracle or Dev.to or something special. It begins by me putting what I can into it and seeing where this effort takes me.

After all, I code websites for other people all the time, but like the landscaper, my own was a bit neglected for a number of years. I hope you find this site so useful that you think: “we should hire the taocode guy”.