Services that I offer

I support website owners, companies, startups and individuals just like you to improve page performance, accessibility and save time and stress on the long run. I work efficiently to bring together the best experience. I get accustomed to new projects quickly and understand that finding the perfect candidate for your project is not easy, but with me, you can be sure that I will always treat your project as if it would be my own!

I create next-level web solutions customized for your needs.

Launching a product or creating a website is complex and overwhelming process. That's why I'm here to help you through it to make sure your users get the experience they need. Your product has so much potential, so let's make it a mindblowing experience!

Interested in a collaboration?

You can send me a message through the Contact page. Additionally, my CV is available and can be downloaded on the Resume page.

Prototyping your idea

Do you have a idea on paper that needs to be realised and tested for viability?

I can create a first iteration of a prototype based off mockups for you in no time, so that you can re-evaluate the product.

Continue an existing product

You can hire me to implement new features for your product and improve it according to your needs.

Project review

Do you have issues with your website or product that keep users from enjoying it? Are you experiencing some of the following issues:

  • bad user experience
  • slow and laggy page performance
  • your technical SEO is lacking
  • handicapped users cannot user your site effectively

I can review your website and give you a detailed analysis about the bottlenecks.

Accessibility Review

Accessibility is always a primary consideration for my projects. It's important for anyone who would like their project to be viable within the education sector and for those that would like to include the broadest possible audience.

  • Keyboard-only access
  • ARIA labels
  • Proper document structure and skip-link