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Amber Ferenz

August 2nd, 2021 · 2 min read · 231 words · Portfolio

Built with Hugo and WindiCSS delivered via Firebase.

A composer extraordinaire, Amber Ferenz is also a gifted bassoonist. She needed a place to send people to check out her stuff and not be distracted by App notifications.


  1. Showcase Amber’s compositions and become the authority for searches for “Amber Ferenz”
  2. Videos mostly from YouTube
  3. Links to buy scores (from third party vendor)

Tech Stack

Hugo is a pleasure to work with, it’s very fast and straightforward and I like a lot of the opinions it assumes about templating and web site creation. I created a WindiCSS Starter Theme that is very fast because using Tailwind 2 with Hugo was too slow for me from startup to refresh. I’ve lost the ability to use @apply directives within the Hugo environment but I’ve gained so much more speed that I can work around that. I like using @apply, but it’s not required, nor is WindiCSS or Tailwind, but I like them for the shorthand and flexible+consistent theming.


You can search for “Amber Ferenz” and #1 top result is now most everywhere. This should be true because that domain name is an exact match and the site is very clear about what this site features, Amber Ferenz. Hosting on Firebase is not only incredibly economical, it makes it very fast, often her homepage is fully loaded in under 1 second.