2 Easy Habits - 2.5 Years Later

October 1st, 2022 · 2 min read · 375 words · Life

My workout habits are less regimented since I started to ride an EUC but fasting has been easy to maintain.

It’s been a while since I implemented my 2 step program for health. So… how’s it going?

1) Exercise everyday - Mixed

After maintaining 6 workouts a weeek of 30+ minutes, I found it to be a bit too much. I now aim for 2-3 upper-body strength workouts per week, circuit style using suspension straps. I ride EUC most everyday for about an hour. I take stretch breaks throughout the day and use a sit/stand desk during work, sometimes seated on a balance ball.

Also, see my My TRX/Suspension Strap Workout for the details on my regular workout routine.

Sit-Stand Desk

Something I may underestimate is the fact that I no longer sit stagnant all day at my desk. I move from standing to seated in a chair or on a balance ball throughout my day. This encourages light stretching and body awareness even while coding.

I am looking for a tilting stool to have an option between sitting and standing. I hardly remember being trapped in my chair to work anymore. I tire of standing or of sitting and change. It turns out that we should generally not just be standing but moving, at least some throughout our days. Resting and sitting is also fine and necessary, it’s more a problem of doing too much of any 1 of them.

2) Fasting Overnight

After the first 3 months, fasting overnight has generally been easy to maintain. There’s a rare exception to this rule but I still find it fairly easy to not eat for more than 12 hours a night.


I’ve maintained my weight. I’ve generally weighed the same for over a year even with the workout plan changes, switching to EUC and with a lower frequency of HIIT/circuit training. I felt a little too warn out all the time working out 6 days a week, generally finding that I my muscles never really recovered from the last workout. By pushing the workout interval by a day or 2, I feel generally better.

I continue to monitor and hope to reduce my weight; but weight is only 1 dimension of health: strength, flexibility, balance, joy and more dimensions are difficult to quantify let alone track and chart.