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By Mark Jones, a full stack web developer, musician and more, living, breathing and walking my dog around Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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Mark Jones


I've been around since Web 1.0, roughly 2 BGE, and have experience across a broad range of website technologies, from CMS to CSS including JavaScript, Node.js, NoSQL & SQL, PHP, Python, and other languages as needed.

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Dark Mode Toggle for SvelteKit with Tailwind or WindiCSS

How I added a dark mode toggle and headroom fixed header hiding feature to this SvelteKit site.

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I value quality, high performance and consistency and love finding ways to improve the production, elevating the systemic to the artistic.

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Personal website and blog with SvelteKit and TailwindCSS.

Built with SvelteKit, Svelte, TailwindCSS, NodeJS, Rollup, Markdown, GitHub, Netlify


Get training in the arts and arts production.

Built with Hugo, TailwindCSS, Markdown, GitHub, Firebase

Mark Jones Voice

Hire me to bring life to your script.

Built with Svelte, WindiCSS, Markdown, GitHub, Firebase